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    • 🌡️ RANGE OF USE : 15ºC to 35ºC
    • PROPERTIES :Comfort | Adjustment
    • PAD: K10



    A bib short for unlimited Kilometers Its new pattern makes it even more ergonomic due to its double flat sewing and its customizable elastic polyester fabrics. Its new flat bibs, coming from the ABSOLUTE bib short, are made in a micropierced elastic band and allow a perfect grip and enough width to distribute weight. The leg is finished with a 60mm LaserPro Elastic band, provinding a timeless look and optimal grip and comfort.


    Ideal for medium and advanced users, with mid-thin complexion.



    MEN'S BIB SHORT BLACK AERO - Square logo


      • Designed for male anatomy
      • Performance 8 hours 
      • Thickness 11 mm
      • Double density 120-80 kg/m3
      • High density E.I.T. foam 
      • Composition: 76% polyamide, 21% elastane and 3% carbon
      • Anti-static, bacteriostatic and ultra-breathable E.I.T carbonium flash fabric
      • Use for both road and mountain biking

      Developed by the Italian manufacturer ELASTIC INTERFACE exclusively for Gobik, the new male chamois K10 is more flexible and ergonomic with a double channel structure for the exit of sweat.


      • Wash with cold water.
      • Do not leave the garment soaking.
      • Do not twist or wring the garment.
      • Use neutral detergents and do not use softeners.
      • Dry the garment inside out and in the shade.
      • Do not iron. Do not dry wash.
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